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Whether you want to bring your imagination to life, explore the far reaches of our solar system, or investigate ancient civilization, edX has the course for you. Take a look at these new offerings starting soon and enroll in one that sparks your curiosity today!

Computer Graphics – UC San DiegoX – August 17, 2015

Discover the magic of 3D computer graphics in this innovative course from UC San Diego. Program and create your own virtual images to make scenes so realistic that they can accurately reflect light and shadow. Bring your creativity to life today and enroll in this must-take course!

Introduction to Operations Management – IIMBx – August 18, 2015

Every organization has operations that allow them to impact stakeholders. Learn how to optimize the efficiency of these operations with this intermediate course from IIMB. Hear from business experts who use practical examples of firms in action to give you the tools you need to make your business as successful as possible!

Introduction to Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) – TenarisUniversity – August 18, 2015

Steel pipe is an integral part of each stage in the oil and gas industry. From exploration to production, steel tubing is essential to the both the oil country and the environment. Learn how these tubular goods are manufactured and designed as you assess and select pipes that will minimize the risk to your business.

Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy – ASUx – August 20, 2015

How did our solar system come to be? How is it evolving? How did the planets form? This course will delve into these questions as you explore the Discovery Channel Telescope, Challenger Space Center, the Meteor Crater, and more. Earn college credit from ASU through this interactive introductory course today!

Introduction to Bioelectricity – PurdueX – August 24, 2015

Our bodies have an essential electrical system that allow each organ to communicate with the brain. How is this system studied and documented? Dive into bioelectricity and understand how the mammalian nervous system operates. In the end, you will build a device, using what you have learned about bioelectricity, that can control a prosthetic limb remotely. Get started today!

A System View of Communications: From Signals to Packets, Part 1 – HKUSTx – August 25, 2015

How is information transferred from a mobile device or a WiFi hotspot? Find out how communication systems are designed in this introductory course. Learn how message transmission is engineered and the potential setbacks involved in the process with the first part of this three-course series.

Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business – HKPolyUx – August 25, 2015

Business innovation is accelerating all over the world. Managing the inventions of this knowledge revolution has become a crucial skill for creating a successful business. Learn how to organize big data in order to increase efficiency and optimize decision making in your workplace today!

Introduction to Sociology – UTPermianBasinX – July 30, 2015

Rethink your perspective of civilization in this introductory course that investigates how society can influence individual beliefs and actions. Consider the development of inequalities in race, sexuality, class and more, as you explore how human behaviors have created communities with evolving cultures throughout history.

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