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Christina Fong: Using An edX Certificate To Strengthen My Resume

Christina Fong, a 24 year old student from Canada recently shared with us how the course Digital Branding and Engagement from CurtinX helped her learn a new skill and makes her resume shine.

I was looking for free online courses related to public relations and business and, thankfully, found edX.  I was quite intrigued by the content and knew I made the right choice when I enrolled in Digital Branding and Engagement.  

I enrolled in the Digital Branding and Engagement course by CurtinX because I wanted additional training, education and to get some further experience. This course was perfect for me, because I’m seeking a career in PR. Even though it was my first class ever through edX, the fact that I could take a class that was based all the way in Australia while I was in Canada, left me with a long lasting impression of Curtin University.  

I learned how to engage different audiences with exciting content online from various brands, and how much impact you can have on the audience/viewers when creating specific campaigns and appropriate strategies. I also learned that engaging people online can be quite challenging, but at the same time, incredible, because you learn how to interact with people and build rapport. Additionally, I learned that you need to connect with people first, so they can trust you, so you can build a lasting relationship. Loyalty is a huge factor in this case.  

This course helped me lots! It helped me stay focused and literally engaged throughout each module; it helped me stay on track and continuously have discussions with fellow students. It was just really cool, because I could tell the content was rich and I was not bored in the slightest. I basically wanted to keep on learning and was impressed by this enriching experience. I’m really grateful for everyone who created and took this course. I thought it was fun talking to people who were from all over the world and seeing things from their perspective.

My certificate has helped me showcase my knowledge on my resume. I feel like this certificate program could really help me land my dream job in PR and therefore, advance my career. Furthermore, it has also motivated me to work my hardest and try my best, so I can achieve better grades. Receiving a certificate from Curtin through edX really made me proud of my accomplishments. It’s a nice reward!  

My advice to new edX students is this: Totally go for it! You won’t regret it. There are SO many courses out there to choose from. I definitely think getting a certificate is worth it, because you get an acknowledgement of all the hard work you’ve done. Plus you get the chance to discuss certain topics (depending on the class/subject you take) with people on a global scale. How neat is that? 

Furthermore, taking an online class is very flexible and you don’t need to purchase any textbooks – all of the resources are available online. Trust me, you’ll probably want to take more classes from edX over time. The entire learning experience is amazing, since you’re not only taking a class to educate yourself, but also exploring the opportunity to further your career and meet others! You never know where things may lead until you try – anything is possible.

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