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Last year, for the very first time I started a course on edX: UC BerkeleyX’s ColWri2.2x: Principles of Written English, which allowed me to be part of a community and share with people around the world. It was so an amazing experience!

I want to learn more every day, and edX gave me that opportunity. I can also certificate my knowledge about every new thing I learn. How amazing is that? I’m currently studying electronic engineering and now I’m able to watch and study directly from the best universities around the world like MIT and Harvard totally free!

I just want to thank edX for this experience and invite you all to take a MOOC. Currently I’m taking the HarvardX course CS50x: Introduction to Computer Science and having a wonderful time so far.

Now it’s easier to access high quality education without trouble or boring lectures, this is amazing and you just can not miss it!

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