Celebrating Five Years of MicroMasters® Programs

It’s been five years since MicroMasters programs launched on edX, and we’re so excited to celebrate this milestone with our learners, partners, and entire community!

Since 2016, nearly 4 million of you from 249 countries have taken at least one course in a MicroMasters program. That’s an incredible number of learners joining together to pursue this career-relevant, transformative education to achieve your goals. 

At edX, MicroMasters programs are one of the greatest examples of our mission in action, and a testament to the innovative and experimental appetite of our partner universities. Originally conceived and developed in partnership with MIT, MicroMasters programs imagined a world where our learners have the flexible and affordable educational opportunities they need to thrive in an increasingly complex and technologically advanced world - the learners, faculty and course teams that run and power our programs are making this happen!

Over the course of the past five years, 39 partners launched 89 programs, and you, our learners, have unlocked all the opportunities that these programs present. Not only are you gaining confidence in work and making big career moves, but 96% of you said the skills and knowledge they gained met or exceeded your expectations, and 97% would recommend a MicroMasters program to a friend. Your experiences and outcomes speak for themselves: 

Danaka, Canada: “Despite my industry experience, I was nervous when I logged into my first MicroMasters course — I was concerned that I would lose the sense of camaraderie that comes in a physical classroom environment. After the first week or so, I realized there was no need to be nervous. The learners in the course became a community.” 
Rodely, France: “My learning impacted my career by giving me new skills in the field. I plan to use my learning to create an educational platform in the future — the next step for me is to start a full degree.”

Thelma, USA: “My online learning experience went way beyond my expectations! It’s been a great ride. [My MicroMasters experience] has allowed me to share my learnings with various nonprofit organizations I am involved in. For example, by taking a journalism course on edX, I was able to share what I learned with a few people from the Filipino American Press Club of California.”

Mia, USA: “I hadn’t originally intended to complete the whole program, but as I dove deeper into the content, I realized it was exactly what I was looking for. Everything I learned was immediately applicable in my job, giving me tools and background that I didn’t even realize I was missing.”

Today, we celebrate the achievements of our incredible network to date, and we look forward to the impact that will follow as more and more learners embark on their own journeys with MicroMasters programs.