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Happy Earth Day! For nearly 50 years, people around the world have celebrated Earth Day to support environmental movements and build awareness around issues such as climate change.

The Earth Day campaign this year is environmental and climate literacy. In order to change the way we treat our planet, we need to be knowledgeable about the environmental issues we face today and the actions we can take to solve them. Building awareness about climate change and its impact on the planet can help us create a greener, cleaner society.

This Earth Day, do your part for the planet by learning something new about the environment and how we can work to protect it. Here are five courses you can take to stay informed and start making positive changes today:

Climate Change: The Science

UBCx (Starts May 9, Self-Paced)

Sensing Planet Earth – From Core to Outer Space

ChalmersX (Self-Paced)

Solar Energy

DelftX (Self-Paced)

Tropical Coastal Ecosystems

UQx (Self-Paced)

Sustainable Urban Development

DelftX, WageningenX (Self-Paced)

Why wait to start saving our planet? Enroll in an environmental studies course today!

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