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Captain Rajeev Nair

Keerla, India | 60

As a mariner with over 40 years of experience sailing the world’s oceans, I’ve observed life in all its colors, sounds and smells across frontiers. I have been drawn to the underprivileged, and have thought so often about how I might be able to do something. When not sailing, I help my family run free basic math and reading classes for the kids in my village in India and distribute free vitamins and deworming medicine to the kids.

When I heard about edX’s course, The Challenges of Global Poverty, I was initially skeptical about the western world’s view of poverty. I have seen it up close across the world and felt pain and helplessness. Seeing a course actually out there – from MITx, free, and online – was too much to resist.

The edX course validated my work as I learned that much of what I was doing in my village were tactics used by NGOs. I will now try out all of the additional successful tactics and models I learned about in 14.73x.

In addition to the course on the Challenges of Global Poverty, I’m taking Justice from HarvardX. In fact, I am sitting right now on a drilling rig somewhere in the Middle East and doing these courses in my spare time. EdX will surpass all other formats of learning. This is history in the making.