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A new global report shows engineering rated as a top job because of its high-earning potential and the opportunity to innovate and solve critical world problems.

The survey done in the U.S., Germany, Japan, Turkey, India and Brazil revealed that engineering is a highly desirable career and especially for students in growing economies.

  • 80% of students in India and Turkey, and 66% of all men surveyed are interested in engineering careers.
  • Engineering tops the list of professions viewed as most vital for economic growth.
  • The majority of those polled believe engineering is critical in solving the world’s problems.
  • In Japan, engineering is seen as an innovation driver.

Do you want to secure a top job and also contribute to society? Then engineering may be the field for you. If you’re interested in deepening your knowledge and skills in this critically important area, check out edX engineering courses and enroll in the one that’s right for you today!

An added benefit of becoming an engineer is that this field spans many vital and diverse industries, including computer programing and coding, renewable energy, healthcare, and privacy. According to the survey, people felt engineering could help solve these top five challenges:

  • Improving renewable energy
  • Advanced computer technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Online security

Another interesting insight: the survey found that 71% of people think engineers’ contribution to society is undervalued, and that engineers deserve more recognition.

We couldn’t agree more!

At edX, we rely on the expertise and hard work of our engineers to help us deliver quality education to millions of learners around the globe. Join us in celebrating engineers and aspiring engineers whose work benefits societies, communities and economies every day!

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