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The new MOOC portal, powered by edX’s open-source platform, will be created exclusively for Arab audiences and will deliver vocational and employability skills to historically underserved learners in the region. As the private sector in Saudi Arabia grows rapidly, the demand for skilled workers continues to increase. Women and youth, in particular, are well positioned to contribute to this need by having access to high-quality vocational training in areas such as IT, healthcare, retail and manufacturing.

At the heart of the new initiative is the curriculum, which will include a combination of courses licensed from edX university members and translated into Arabic, as well as original courses developed exclusively for Arabic-speaking students, and will deliver access to online courses from some of the leading academic institutions worldwide to Saudi learners. Additionally, the initiative will include a research component focused on learning through innovative technologies and R&D.

We are honored that edX open-source technology is being used in innovative and significant ways to help improve education and economic opportunities, in ways we never could have imagined when edX launched two years ago. This collaboration follows the adoption of the edX open-source platform in countries, including France, China, Jordan and Mexico, and we are honored to be part of Saudi Arabia’s innovative commitment to education and improved employability.

By Anant Agarwal, edX CEO

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