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This week on edX, take your first programming course, learn how to make the most out of the data in your evereyday life, or explore what it means to reclaim a broken place. Check out the courses starting this week!

Introduction to Java Programming, Part 1 – HKUSTx – April 6, 2015
If you have little to no programming experience, this is the perfect course for you to get started! Computer science helps make our lives easier everyday, and this course will uncover the basic techniques behind the technology behind us. You will learn to solve programs innovatively with Java programming.

Financial Analysis and Decision Making – TsinghuaX – April 6, 2015
Running a company is like flying a plane, and your financial statement is the key to a successful flight! This is not an accounting course, but rather a management course. Learn the basics of financial statements and explore its relationship with the core values of finance and management.

Applications of Linear Algebra, Part 2 – DavidsonX – April 6, 2015
How can you predict a user’s rating of a popular movie, or rank sports teams based on thousands of games effectively? How do you compress an image from thousands of pixels to store easily? Data is everywhere and this course explains how linear algebra is a great tool to make sense of the data around us.

Introduction to Bootstrap – A Tutorial – Microsoft – April 7, 2015
In this introductory Bootstrap course, you will learn how to implement Bootstrap, originally an open-source project created by Twitter, to create responsive, mobile first web pages. Learn from Microsoft experts to create applications that will scale to devices of all sizes, and how to use Bootstrap themes and common components.

Data analysis to the MAX() – DelftX – April 7, 2015
Ready to improve your data skills? Curious about using “Big Data” and “Open Data” to increase productivity, and even inform better business decisions? Learn how to use spreadsheets, data visualizations, and other data storage methods effectively to make your life easier! 

Introduction to Public Speaking – UWashingtonX – April 7, 2015
Learn to design and deliver presentations that are clear, concise and compelling. To speak well, you need to understand how oral communication works and where public speakers often falter. In this course, you will think through the challenges and opportunities that arise when you stand up in front of a crowd and become a better public speaker.

Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Materials and Devices – MITx – April 8, 2015
Our cars, televisions, and washing machines all have computers hidden inside them. Learn the fundamental principles that determine the electronic properties of materials and how to engineer the properties to obtain the device you want. This course explores how electronic materials are central to our lives, and how engineers are using these materials to craft a better future.

Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology – CornellX – April 10, 2015
Humanities greatest desire is to belong, connect and make a difference. Communities are coming together across the globe to reclaim “broken places” marked by natural disasters, urban decay, poverty and war. Civic Ecology explores how people around the world are acting as stewards of nature, helping to provide food and water, and building a sense of community.

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