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Boulder County, Colorado

I am a part-time ski instructor and the mom of five teenagers. We live in a small mountain town in Boulder County, Colorado. When I read about edX in our local paper last year, my initial thought about the online courses was, “That’s really exciting!” My 15-year-old son, who was just beginning to become enthralled with math and chemistry, suggested that we take 3.091x Solid State Chemistry from MITx in the fall 2012, taught by Michael Cima. So began my family’s foray into chemistry with my 15 year old twins and 17 year old.

We did not have the recommended math background, so at my son’s insistence off we went to the local library to get chemistry and math textbooks to prepare for the course before it started. It was a really challenging course, but we found the Discussion Forum to be amazing, and we loved the resources on the wiki site.

The most exciting part of the course was that we met people from all over the world through the Discussion Forum. We had conversations about the impact of the economic crisis in Greece and learned about the university system in the UK. Through the video lectures, my kids literally got to see what it was like to be in a college classroom.

My three children and I all passed the course and are looking forward to taking CB22x The Ancient Greek Hero. In our small town, thanks to edX, suddenly we have the whole world before us.

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