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How to be a Better Learner: Determine Your Learning Style

It’s the #summerofedX and we are sharing advice on how you can refresh and recharge your resume by learning new skills. But, before you decide on WHAT new skills you want to learn, it’s important to think about HOW you’ll learn those skills. Set yourself up for success this summer by determining your learning style.

Everyone learns differently. For some, reading from a textbook is the best way to absorb new information. Others are more receptive to information that is presented to them through spoken word.

The online learning environment provides a powerful platform to conduct experiments, exploring how students learn and how faculty can best teach. Here at edX, we are continuously listening to the needs and wants of our learning community, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the student experience and improving teaching and learning both on campus and online.

Equally as important as finding out about at the needs and wants of the edX learner community as a whole, is identifying the individual needs of each learner. Whether you’re learning through an edX course or challenging yourself to learn more at your current job, identifying your own learning style can help you become a better, more receptive and efficient learner.

Once you know your learning style, you can customize your approach – from the best way to study to the most effective way to digest information. We’ve put together a guide with tips that map back to different learning styles. Take a look and put these ideas to work this summer, by signing up for a course today!

Infographic to help you to determine your learning style and tips for how to learn based on style

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