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Uganda | 19

My name is Berak. I am 19.I am Eritrean, currently living in Uganda as a Refugee. I moved from my country Eritrea where I had everything I ever needed, due to the political problems.

I came to Uganda and continued High School. But due to the unemployment of my dad I had to stop school. That shattered my plans in pieces.

I have had plans to be a Computer Engineer be successful, and I had even promised my dad that I would buy him a house.

After stopping school I had to get a job to support my family so I got a job as an Internet Cafe attendant.I searched for ways to get some education that would get me my dream job or guide me to that way.

So when I found edX I enrolled into the Harvard CS50 course.

“ Dreams come true. Trust me. ” 

” So I would like to thank all the edX team and the lecturers “

I hope one day I get to my dream and come and visit you at your HQ.

By the way nice Website  good UI.

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