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As college tuition continues to rise, while the edtech space expands and evolves, many students are seeking out nontraditional ways to learn and earn degrees.

At edX, we have been talking about the unbundling of education for some time now. Though vocational schools and associate degree programs have allowed for alternative, affordable or more flexible education pathways, advances in technology and online learning open up even more options to today’s learner.

What do these innovative, online opportunities look like? To give you an idea, the number of learners graduating from coding “boot camps” – intensive programming courses designed for learners with no previous experience in computer science – is expected to more than double this year. And, education and professional credentials, badges and certificates have become so widespread that LinkedIn launched a new way for users to showcase certifications with just one click. These are just two of the many examples of how online and classroom education is evolving and greatly impacting how we learn and develop our careers today.

Politicians and policymakers are also starting to taut the importance of a variety of educational and career opportunities beyond the traditional four-year campus experience.

As nontraditional approaches to learning and careers continue to gain attention with learners, educators and employers, edX strives to provide a range of online learning offerings to meet the increasing demand on a global scale.

Whether it is with an edX verified certificate, which learners can showcase directly on their LinkedIn profiles, or innovative approaches to learning pathways like the Global Freshman Academy, edX is increasing access to high-quality education and recognizing the need for alternative pathways to learning.

Are you preparing for college, jump starting a university education or returning to your education? The Global Freshman Academy, which offers full university freshman level courses for credit on edX, and its innovative approach may be the right option for you. Enroll as a verified learner to work toward earning credit in math, engineering, writing courses and more.

Now, like never before, back to school can take on many forms for learners of all ages and at all levels. Happy learning!

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