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Candace Hazlett

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Come On, Get Happy

Did you know that up to 40 percent of happiness depends on habits and activities? Learn happiness boosting practices today with UC Berkeley’s The Science of Happiness course, starting Tuesday, September 9. The Science of Happiness is the first MOOC to teach the science of positive psychology. The ten-week course will offer science-based lessons and also provide students practical strategies for nurturing happiness and developing a...

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05 Sep 2014
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Navigating the Two Kinds of Online Discussion Forums

Navigating the Two Kinds of Online Discussion Forums was originally written for the EdTech Researcher Blog published byEducation Week.  Over the weekend, edX announced some changes to the features in their discussion forums, and the changes illuminate some interesting issues in student behavior, pedagogy, and instructional design. On the one hand, discussion forums are often seen as central to massive open online courses because in many...

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03 Sep 2014
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Understanding Cultures Through MOOCs

Today, we have guest blog post from Ankit Khandelwal, an edX student, based in India, who developed a personal project and course of study using MOOCs and online learning to expand his skill-set and worldview. How I used MOOCs to understand different cultures and to broaden my knowledge. ‘Globalization’ is a popular word. Yet, few have a clear idea about what it requires to develop...

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29 Aug 2014
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Help Select our SXSWedu 2015 Panel

EdX has had the honor of attending SXSWedu the last two years. In 2013, our edX CEO Anant Agarwal was featured in a keynote conversation and discussed the evolution of online education. Last year, Anant spoke with students about their MOOC experiences: how they prefer to learn, and how MOOCs, edX and blended learning are impacting their lives and meeting their needs. SXSWedu 2015 promises...

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22 Aug 2014
in Learner News

Want to Learn about Water and Climate? Rubber Duckie to the Rescue!

Ever wonder how a giant rubber duck could help you better understand a fundamental element of life? Find out with DelftX Introduction to Water and Climate. Introduction to Water and Climate from DelftX begins August 26 and will examine water’s essentialness to life on earth and its importance to society. To help illustrate water systems—the flow of water and sand in different riverine, coastal and...

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20 Aug 2014
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One MOOC’s Journey: From On Campus to Online, from California to China and Back

We love sharing stories about our learners and how their edX experiences connect them to new knowledge and a global learning community of students and teachers. Education not only broadens students’ minds, it enriches networks and shared experiences. It can also forge connections across continents, impacting thousands of learners in the process. Today we share a story of how a teacher-student relationship and a shared...

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15 Aug 2014
in Open edX

OSCON Recap: Representing edX in the Open Source Community

Open source software is hugely important to us here at edX, since it’s what we do all day, every day. Two weeks ago, the O’Reilly company hosted their annual OSCON convention in Portland, Oregon — a convention focused on open source software. Of course, we had to be there. So, my edX colleague James Tauber and I packed our bags and headed to Oregon for...

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13 Aug 2014
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Why learn Linux?

Linux is everywhere – you are most likely already using Linux on a daily basis Linux is versatile – you can use Linux on virtually anything you develop Linux is a community – you can work with other Linux developers to share knowledge and learnings We kicked off the LinuxFoundationX Introduction to Linux course a little over a week ago. So far more than 240,000...

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12 Aug 2014
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Learning with MOOCs Workshop: August 12 & 13, 2014

This week, MIT will host leaders of online learning from institutions around the world for Learning with MOOCs: A Practitioner’s Workshop. As a member of the workshop’s organizing committee, edX CEO Anant Agarwal will welcome participants who have gathered together from universities and organizations including MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Google, the Gates Foundation, and Kaplan, to spend two days examining MOOC best practices, research, innovations, and...

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11 Aug 2014
in Learner News

Mooc.org: An Update

Ten months ago, we announced mooc.org to broaden access to education by making educational online tools available to everyone, including universities, institutions, businesses, governments, NGOs and individuals. Recently, we’ve received several inquiries about mooc.org, so I’d like to provide a detailed update. We have witnessed tremendous interest in both mooc.org and the Open edX technology to create learning experiences for a wide-range of communities and...

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08 Aug 2014

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