AR Recreation of Apollo 11 Mission in Celebration of 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

edX and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library have partnered to bring an exciting experience to the edX community. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library is launching the JFK Moonshot, a first-of-its-kind augmented reality app experience.

From July 16th to the 20th, the app will provide users anywhere in the world the opportunity to view 120+ hours of real-time tracking simulation of the complete five-day mission and moon landing, making it the longest-running AR powered live-stream experience.

JFK Moonshot immerses users in the 1969 Apollo 11 mission with a first-ever full-scale recreation of the 363-ft Saturn V Rocket which can be viewed in the app. The rocket will launch on July 16, 2019, 50 years after Apollo 11 began its journey to the Moon.

The “JFK Moonshot” AR app will offer five distinct “chapters” for users to engage with the story:

  • On the launch pad: View the first-ever full-scale AR recreation of the 363-ft Saturn V launch on its launch pad outside of the JFK Library in Boston or place your tabletop AR rocket to see it ready for takeoff anywhere in the world.
  • Launch: On July 16, witness the fully-synchronized augmented retelling of the Saturn V rocket launch, either at the Library or with the tabletop version.
  • Track: Follow the Apollo 11 mission in real time with archival NASA footage from July 16–20, as it makes its five-day journey to the moon. Record and share the most epic moments of the mission with friends and family.
  • Log: Discover JFK’s vision for the space program and Apollo 11 insider facts through education multimedia experiences.
  • Play: Test your JFK knowledge with 6 interactive AR games that dive deeper into the mission and put them in the astronauts’ Moon

Download the app today, and in the meantime, check out  these edX courses that will get you excited for takeoff: