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Hong Kong

7.00x has rekindled my passion for biology

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. More importantly I have learned and retained the knowledge of modern biology Professor Lander and his team has sought to impart. The problem sets and the three examinations are an indispensable tool in this regard. I cannot thank Professor Lander and his team enough for the effort they put in to design the questions of such high quality for the problem sets and the three examinations. Professor Lander is one of the two teachers I have met to date (the other is Professor Mitchell Duneier of Princeton when I took his introductory sociology course when Coursera started) who makes me look forward to attending the next lecture. All good thing eventually comes to an end. But again, I would like to thank Professor Lander and his team for the effort they have put in to provide this course. Best wished to them all! Thanks should also go to MIT for expanding the resources to provide this course. I hope MIT will be willing to consider providing the course in Cell Biology (course number # 7.06 on MIT’s open courseware list) as a sequel to this course through edX in the not too distant future.

In 1979, I arrived in the United Kingdom from Hong Kong to study for my GCE A Levels with a view to read biochemistry at University College London. I initially took biology as part of my A Levels but abandoned midway because I was quite unable to do dissection. It was not altogether wasted effort, however. The section of the biology syllabus on DNA and related topics was extremely fascinating. It was a pity I could not complete the course. In any event, I ended up doing civil engineering instead at a very obscure educational establishment in southern England. After my first degree, I followed a career in accountancy until it was ended abruptly in Australia in 2009. I did not have the opportunity to formally follow through my fascination of molecular cell biology I encountered during my A Levels.

Now more than three decades later, Professor Lander has more than re-introduced me to modern biology. Equally important, but for edX, I would never have the chance to experience an MIT education. Having come through 7.00x, I can now understand why MIT and a handful of other US universities such as Harvard and Yale are considered as great seats of learning.

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