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Today, we are thrilled to announce the edX Dashboard Challenge, a data-driven competition to design a Student Analytics Dashboard. The competition is hosted by Databits – an online community of coders, engineers, and data scientists who develop creative solutions through data visualization.As always, our mission is to provide learners from around the world with the access and tools they need to enhance their own education.For this challenge, we invite you to imagine an interactive dashboard that provides learners with meaningful information and guidance on how to get the most out of their course. The ideal dashboard will give insights into the student’s engagement with course content (videos, assessments, discussions) and how it compares to the progress of their peers.

Based on a provided data set, competitors will create visualizations and working demos that address these main questions. All challenge submissions will be open source— an opportunity to contribute to open learning in a creative coding community. No matter your experience or background, we welcome all submissions. The winning submission will be used as a key starting point for the Student Analytics Dashboard. The submission will be added to our open source platform with author attribution.

We hope that this challenge brings together a diverse group of people interested in interactive data visualization, to thoughtfully engage with and innovate the online learning experience.  I look forward to viewing and learning from your submissions.

For more details on the edX Dashboard Challenge (and rewards for the winner), please visit the edX Challenge on Databits.

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By Beth Porter, VP of Product

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