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An Open Letter: Learning Together

EdX began with a core belief that learners around the globe – regardless of gender, race, geography or social status – should have access to high-quality education. No longer is education the privilege of the few; with open, online learning anyone, anywhere can improve their lives. EdX is only as strong as our community of learners and partners, and we are proud and deeply humbled to work with the world’s best institutions and to have fostered a truly global learning community, with learners coming from every country in the world.

When we founded edX, we consciously emphasized the importance of access for all and rooted our mission in the profound importance of education, believing it provides opportunity, improves lives, and that educated people foster stronger communities and make better citizens.

I, personally, also strongly believe that no one should be denied access because of their gender, race, nationality, origin, religion or opinion. Like many edX learners and many of my colleagues, I am an immigrant to the U.S. My children were born here and we have made this country our home. I have directly benefited from an atmosphere of inclusion and believe that our country benefits from being inclusive rather than exclusive.

During this time of very active and, for many, unsettling discourse, I want to reach out to you in dialogue.

Learners around the world who want to better your lives through education – you have our support. Leaders around the world who value access to education – you have our support. Refugees who are trying to rebuild and transform your lives through education – you have our support.

We are proud to join together with our global learning community committed to knowledge. We will continue our work with Kiron to increase access to free higher education for refugees, and with our Open edX partnerships with nations around the world, including Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, France and more. EdX will continue to focus on the importance of education, facts, critical thinking and open dialogue.

As we continue our national and global dialogue, I encourage us as all to turn to education to help us understand our global challenges, political processes and differing viewpoints. Online learning provides an informative, productive venue to continue our civic engagement, participate in a healthy dialogue and begin to bridge divisions. Let us dispel ignorance, embrace the value of always learning and continue to stand together.



edX CEO and MIT Professor