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Do you have an idea, but you aren’t sure how to bring it to life? Are you curious about how planes fly, or how steel plays an important part in our lives? Are you interested in learning stress management techniques? Learn about all of this and much more on edX, and enroll today!

User Innovation: A Path to Entrepreneurship – MITx – June 1, 2015 – Self-Paced

Innovative businesses always start with one great idea! Learn to take your ideas to the next level in this exciting entrepreneurship course.

Jesus in the Scriptures – NotreDameX – June 1, 2015 

Explore the life of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity, and gain a greater understanding of his place in the Church as well as his overall place in history.

Introduction to Steel – TenarisUniversity – June 2, 2015

While we don’t always notice it, steel plays a central role in our lives. Learn about this important material, how we use it, and why it matters.​

Becoming a Resilient Person – The Science of Stress Management – UWashingtonX – June 2, 2015

Don’t let stress get the best of you! Learn tactics to minimize and manage your stress levels, and focus on well-being and self-care.​

English for Doing Business in Asia: Writing – HKUSTx – June 2, 2015

Language barriers often make successful business meetings nearly impossible. Take the first step to improving international communication in this course.


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Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering – DelftX – June 2, 2015 – Self-Paced

Explore the world of aviation, and find out how planes fly.​ You’ll gain an understanding of aerodynamics, and learn the history of aviation.

Alien Worlds: The Science of Exoplanet Discovery and Characterization – BUx – June 2, 2015

Uncover the process of discovering and characterizing exoplanets, the thousands of planets outside of our solar system, and learn where the Earth fits into the vast outer space.​

Genomic Medicine Gets Personal – GeorgetownX – June 3, 2015

Find out what important information we can learn from genetic testing, and understand the ethical, legal, and social implications of genomic discoveries. 

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