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Moscow, Russia | 21

I live in Moscow where I am studying for my Master’s degree in Physics from Lomonosov Moscow State University. I decided to take Electricity and Magnetism from MITx, because it focused on fundamental physics, the core of my studies.

The introductory video of the course and the far-reaching name of Professor Lewin impressed me a lot, so I decided to participate in 8.02x even though I had already taken the course on Electricity and Magnetism at university. And I certainly have not regretted it!

The convenience of learning on my own schedule is a big plus. Most of all, I appreciate the possibility to learn anywhere any time. This also makes people more responsible for their learning process.

The traditional university education is not alone sufficient for success in the work force. You always have to acquire new knowledge and skills in order to see the big picture. The world needs well-organized educational websites like yours that are free and therefore accessible to everybody.

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