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Linux has become a resume “must-have” in the tech industry. Now taking the Introduction to Linux course to advance your career doesn’t have to break the bank with this limited $99 Verified Certificate offer.

Introduction to Linux Course Registration Page

What if you could develop a strong working knowledge of Linux for less than a hundred dollars?

The good news is, you can.

For a limited time only, edX and The Linux Foundation are offering Introduction to Linux verified certificates for $99.  When you earn a verified certificate, you can showcase it on your resume and LinkedIn profile to highlight your professional development. If you plan to use this course for job applications, promotions, or school applications, a verified certificate is a great way to go.

Why is this course so special? Linux powers 94% of the world’s supercomputers, most of the servers powering the Internet, the majority of financial trades worldwide, and over a billion Android devices. In short, Linux is everywhere! A similar introductory course from The Linux Foundation costs $2,400. Learning Linux at any price is a worthwhile investment as Linux has permeated the entire tech industry, and is increasingly a resume standard that top tech companies expect to see on incoming resumes. So, why not learn a new skill or brush up your expertise and save today?

This course is taught by Dr. Jerry Cooperstein, who has been working with Linux since 1994 and joined The Linux Foundation in 2009 as the Training Program Director. He oversees all the training content at The Linux Foundation. An expert in his field, he shares his inside knowledge and best practices in this exciting and interactive MOOC.

When asked about the importance of learning Linux, Cooperstein shared his personal experiences, saying, “I first started programming for computers in 1969. Needless to say I have worked with many operating systems, computing languages, and varieties of hardware. But until I started working with Linux, I never had the kind of fun I do now.”

Cooperstein continues by explaining, “In the 20 years since I began using Linux, I have had many amazing opportunities and experiences. I hope that your experience with this Introduction to Linux course opens as many doors for you as it has for me.”

Over 250,000 online learners have already completed the Introduction to Linux course, including 18-year-old David Neary. David shared his story on the edX tumblr, saying, “The ability to take my education into my own hands is great. Nothing is holding me back and I’ve been able to find passions and interests I would have never found otherwise.”

Looking to advance your career? Check out the latest job postings listing “Linux” as a requirement on Indeed.com andMonster.com.

For more information about this course, check out Dr. Cooperstein’s blog post entitled Why to Learn Linux?”.

Enroll today to save on a verified certificate and start building your resume.

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