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David, a Belgian learner, shares how he was able to use edX courses to assist his colleagues and supplement his own work.

You could call me a lifetime learner.

I started working after I earned my Bachelor’s degree in finance and insurance. A few years later, following a career change, I started to take evening courses to get a Master’s degree in commercial science. After receiving the degree, I decided to go for another, this time in accountancy and auditing. I’ve always wanted to learn more, so the next step for me was to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in political science by taking evening courses.

Unfortunately, in the last few months before obtaining this degree, I had to undergo major surgery. Although successful, the surgery seriously reduced my mobility, making it almost impossible to continue my studies the normal way. This was about three years ago.

Luckily, a few months later, I discovered edX and the variety of courses available through the platform. Since then, I have taken quite a number of courses, ranging from Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel to Science & Cooking. I’ve also taken some related to my area of work. The IMF’s Financial Programming and Policies course was particularly useful, as it helped me better understand important concepts that I use in my work with macroeconomic accounts. 

I’ve used the course content to not only improve my work, but also to help my colleagues.

One co-worker, for example, was struggling with an Excel sheet that was taking forever to load. I found out that she was using the VLOOKUP-function quite a lot, and on the entire worksheet. In DelftX’s Data Analysis: Take it to the MAX(), we were taught that there exists an alternative – the INDEX MATCH function. By combining the INDEX and MATCH functions and using a named range, I was able to solve her problem.

I’d say that of all the courses that I’ve taken, my favorite is one that I still have to complete: HarvardX’s CS50: Introduction to Computer Science. It’s my favorite for the following reasons:

  1. The teacher, David J. Malan, is a great teacher.
  2. The course content is of high quality.
  3. The edX course really parallels the actual Harvard course.

I suggest that everyone take some edX courses, because as far as I know, it’s the only place where one can learn such a wide variety of subjects from the top experts. EdX made it possible for me to continue to widen my knowledge, which otherwise would have been much more difficult.

We also recommend everyone look into our Free Excel courses to help advance your learning too.

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