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Vina: Using edX To Teach Students
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Vina Fitriani, a 36-year-old high school teacher from Indonesia reached out to share how edX courses helped her become a better learner, teacher and deliver knowledge to her students.  

I teach several subjects (Math, Biology, Computer Science, and Entrepreneurship). Entrepreneurship is a kind of an extracurricular that is taught after school. It’s a new thing for me and for Indonesian schools, meaning if it’s working, my school will continue to pilot the project. To date, I’ve taught the subject for four months in Thailand and one month in the Philippines.  

However, it’s not easy to find the entrepreneurship material that we have to deliver to the students and I am always looking for a proper curriculum.

So I googled ‘entrepreneurship classes’ and found Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer and Entrepreneurship 102: What can you do for your customer? From MITx. It was so exciting that I decide to follow it week by week, finished all the assignments and also encouraged several co-workers to join. These courses really opened my mind about entrepreneurship in just 5 weeks.

Additionally, since I teach multiple subjects, I enrolled in several other courses besides entrepreneurship. I learned so much about biology and chemistry from Kyoto University. As a Biology teacher, we tend to take biology and chemistry separately. After this experience, I feel more complete to deliver biology to my students.

My priority, however, was to deliver knowledge to my students in a great way like edX does. Now we can learn the best methods of teaching from the best instructors for free; something that is really rare here. The videos, transcripts, and assignments enhanced our learning experience, making it very easy to understand.

This experience has yielded some excellent results: more students enrolled in my entrepreneurship class, my math students scored high scores in their national exams and my biology students earned higher averages.

I was an Industrial Engineering bachelor before taking my Masters education and teaching is a new thing for me. After becoming an edX learner, my teaching skills have excelled greatly!

I think taking an hour or two per week to use edX will equip you with strong knowledge and make you a brand new person.

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