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Next week kicks off Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), celebrating computer science and inspiring learners and teachers to explore coding. During CSEdWeek, learners of all ages are encouraged to dive into coding and try an Hour of Code.

At edX, we celebrate CS and increasing access to computer science education. EdX computer science courses inspire and teach tomorrow’s great computer scientists. And, edX courses are made possible by the skilled coders who help power edX every day.

Today, there are 586,982 open computing jobs throughout the U.S. And, by 2020 it is projected that there will be 1 million more computer science jobs than students learning computer science. These stats reveal a significant job/student gap within computer science.

Much of this gap may stem from lack of CS and programming resources. A recent Gallup study, backed by Google, found that U.S. public schools are lacking in resources to teach CS, even though demand for these classes has reached an all-time high with parents and students throughout the country.

Free computer science education, like edX courses, can help teachers, students and professionals learn the programming skills they need in today’s technology-driven world.

Are you interested in becoming the next Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, Steve Wozniak or Linus Torvalds? Then, learn to code on edX today! Celebrate CSEdWeek on edX and learn the coding skills that will power the future. From an Hour of Code to a full course, dive into coding on edX and discover how fun and easy computer science can be.

All next week, we will share great computer science courses, inspiring learner stories and computer science tips. Join us for CSEdWeek and Hour of Code and learn computer programming today! #CSEdWeek #HourofCode

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