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Jabalpur, India

I really enjoyed edX’s 6.002 Circuits & Electronicscourse offered by MITx this past fall and was really pleased to get an “A”. Because the follow-up course, 6.003x, is not offered yet, two other students and I decided to start our own online MOOC.

So we created 6.003. I served as the website developer and created the whole website. Ashwith and Dan helped me in creating video tutorials and also helped people on the discussion forum. The course ultimately turned out to be very successful with about 1000 students participating in it.

I want to thank Anant Agarwal for his leadership in creating edX which has opened my eyes to the wider world of knowledge. I was fascinated by everything he taught us in 6.002x.

The school system in India mainly focuses on exams resulting in teachers having an examination-oriented approach to education. So I used the Internet to learn what wasn’t taught at school and I landed on the MIT OCW website. I was browsing through the Physics lectures and saw the 8.01 course by Prof. Walter Lewin. They were absolutely fantastic. The course taught me all the extra stuff that I wanted to know and my school didn’t teach. After completing my XI, I saw the MITx 6.002x course. Anyone who is interested in CS couldn’t help but get interested in electronics.

I am about to take my XII board exams in India, and am applying to colleges now, and heard recently that I was accepted at MIT!

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