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Bangalore, India

I am a 25-year-old living in Bangalore, India with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication.

I was part of the pilot 6.002x course Circuits & Electronics, in the Spring 2012, taught by Anant Agarwal. I heard of that through posts on various online blogs (I remember seeing one on TechCrunch). During 6.002x I got to know more about edX. I loved the experience in the pilot course so I couldn’t wait for the new edX courses to begin.

I’m currently preparing to pursue my Master’s (we have an entrance exam). These courses are a big help and have given me a very deep understanding of the subjects. I’ve studied some of these before but the quality of teaching is far superior in these online courses and this has really helped me get confident in concepts I couldn’t understand before.

The course on edX is helping in my preparation for my Master’s. More than my career, what I like is that I’m learning a lot. We aren’t just taught some formulas. We are given real world problems to solve, and that has changed the way I thought about some subjects. It will definitely help in my career. I’ve also been lucky to talk to some of the students who are actually experts in their fields and this networking will be helpful too.

EdX gives anyone in the world access to the best teachers out there. It is also free. These two factors mean a lot in places where access to good education is not easy.

Through edX, I get to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds. It’s amazing to see the amount of talent out there — like high school students studying engineering subjects and people above 70 years of age still having the energy to never stop learning.

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