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Vancouver, B.C., Canada

I am working my way through the edX curriculum. I’m very motivated, and believe my certificate has impressed more than one soul. From working in manufacturing, I am now a service engineer working for a great company. My 6.002x Circuits & ElectronicsedX certificate was the key to the job promotion that changed my life.

I took 6.002, taught by edX President and MIT Professor Anant Agarwal, when it was first offered, in spring 2012.

I was born in China, then moved to Canada where I was unemployed for several years. I started a family, and felt the pressures of increased responsibilities. I was working in manufacturing when I heard about edX. I always believe one should better himself at all times. Without any hesitation, I took 6.002x and did well.

I am now taking 8.02x Electricity & Magnetism, taught by web star and MIT Professor Walter Lewin. I would like to say, it is worth every second for you to invest your time to finish this course with the highest grade you can get. Armed with what you will have learned here, opportunities will earlier or later knock at your door.

I am taking some others along for the edX ride – I’ve already convinced three peers I met on a business trip to Singapore to sign up for Professor Lewin’s course!

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