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New Delhi

I live in New Delhi, India and I’m in the 10th grade and I’m 15. Since I was 12, I have been making little circuits of my own and I taught myself how to solder and began making more complicated 
things like music amplifiers and tinkering around with ICs.

Thing is, I liked making all this, but I didn’t know how they actually worked. I don’t remember very well how I got to know about edX (back when it was MITx), but I think I read about it on Hack-A-Day. When I saw the course description of 6.002x Circuits & Electronics, it matched with what I wanted to know. I was always interested in science and technology, but school never gave me clarity as to what I want to pursue after high school. EdX helped me narrow down my options for the future and helped me realize which parts of engineering I like, because unlike school, I can pick and choose which classes I want to take.

In terms of my personal journey, this course meant a lot to me. I realized that by being a part of a challenging learning environment and a community of learners who were as motivated as I was, I could be hardworking and enjoy it at the same time. I never knew that I was capable of doing such a course which seemed
impossible at
(I didn’t even know trigonometry when I started this course) and how much I could push myself. The satisfaction was immense. As a student, I feel that edX can really change learning and teaching, because it gives so many people like me access to world-class education, which we otherwise would have never gotten.

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