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The University of TokyoThe University of Tokyo was established in 1877 as the first national university in Japan. As a leading research university, UTokyo offers courses in essentially all academic disciplines at both undergraduate and graduate levels and conducts research across the full spectrum of academic activity. The university aims to provide its students with a rich and varied academic environment that ensures opportunities for both intellectual development and the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills. The courses UTokyoX creates and offers on edX.org will bring this knowledge and skills to students all around the world.

The first two courses available from UTokyoX, Visualizing Postwar Tokyo, Part 1 and Visualizing Postwar Tokyo, Part 2, both slated to begin in late 2014, are perfect examples of the kind of intellectually stimulating courses to come. In Part 1students will analyze the history of change and development in postwar Tokyo from different perspectives using archived photographs, films, and TV programs. In Part 2, students will examine how geopolitics influenced what people saw when they visualized Tokyo.

Visualizing Postwar Tokyo

Shunya Yoshimi is a Professor of Sociology, Cultural Studies, and Media Studies. He is the author of many books on cultural theory, urban culture, international exposition, media culture, information technology, the emperor system, and Americanization in modern Japan and East Asia. He has been a leading scholar in the field of Media and Cultural Studies in contemporary Japan. He has been a visiting fellow of El Colegio de Mexico (1993), Ecole des Hautes Etudes Sciences Sociales (1998), University of Western Sydney (1999), and Queensland University (2000).

Welcome, University of Tokyo!

By Dan O’Connell, Communications Director, edX