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Everyone has an opinion on parenting. Move beyond the chatter and opinion surrounding parenting by looking directly at the science.

In The Science of Parenting course by UC San Diego, you’re given the scientific findings and data that can help you make your own sensible, informed parenting decisions.  

Do you have parenting questions you want to ask an expert? Do you want to learn more about The Science of Parenting? On Thursday, September 7th from 12p-2p EST/9a-11a PST, ask your questions to David Barner, a professor of psychology and linguistics in the UC San Diego Division of Social Sciences, who teaches this course here on edX.

How to participate in the AMA:

AMA means “Ask Me Anything.” Questions aboutThe Science of Parenting, childhood development, education, and more, are fair game. (Current students, please note that the AMA is not intended to be a Q&A solely about the course itself.)

12p EST/9a PST: We’ll post the AMA and link to it from this page. We’ll also message the AMA out via edX social channels (follow edX on Facebook and Twitter).

12p-2p EST/9a-11a PST: Redditors – students and non-students alike – ask questions and can vote on other questions according to which they would like to see answered. Be sure to log in, ask your questions, and upvote others’ questions and comments to help guide the conversation – see below for more information on how Reddit works. Professor Barner will go through and respond to any questions they would like.

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