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Ready to dive into a new subject area, but not sure where to start? This fall on edX we are offering dozens of introductory level courses, perfect for novice who is brand new to a topic, or someone looking to brush up on the basics. Check out some of our most popular intro level courses below, and enroll today.

Learn Computer Science

The Beauty and Joy of Computing (CS Principles – UC BerkeleyX – September 7, 2015

If you are hoping to add a new skill to your resume this fall, you should definitely consider a course in computer science not only because programming skills are in demand, but also because computer science courses challenge you to think differently! This computer science principles course is ideal for a beginner.

Explore Social Sciences

Introduction to Psychology – TsinghuaX – September 10, 2015

The mind is a fascinating and mysterious place. If you have ever wonder how the mind works, or how we experience emotions, develop our personality, or create memories, this is the perfect introductory course to start this fall.

The Science of Happiness – UC BerkeleyX – September 8, 2015

No matter where you live or what you do, you can certainly benefit from learning tools and tactics to lead a happy and meaningful life. The Science of Happiness uncovers the basics of positive psychology, and will help you discover the meaning of happiness and what it means to you.

Get Political

American Government – HarvardX – September 8, 2015

The recent U.S. presidential debates have sparked conversations around American politics, and perhaps you are ready to learn more! This introductory politics and government course explores the foundations of the U.S. political system. No previous experience is required, so get started today!

Science at the Polls: Biology for Voters – UC Berkeley – September 9, 2015

Every voter has the opportunity – and responsibility – to make informed decisions on matters concerning medicine, biology, agriculture and environmental issues. This course explores science’s place in our everyday lives, and prepares you to actively participate in political debates about issues impacting you, your health, and our planet.

Understand Science

Introduction to Solid State Chemistry – MITx – September 8, 2015

How many elements of the periodic table can you name? Develop your “chemical intuition” and gain an understanding of basic chemistry principles in this intro-level science course from MIT. You’ll study the properties of solids and chemical bonds, and uncover the latest trends of the periodic table.

Introduction to Deep Earth Science – TokyoTechX – September 9, 2015

Travel to the Earth’s core and start to understand the Earth’s evolution in this introductory Earth science course from Tokyo Tech. You’ll learn how water inside the deep earth serves as a prime example of advanced Earth Science research, and much more!

Diversify Your Skill Set

Introduction to Music Theory – BerkleeX – September 8. 2015

Interested in studying music, but unsure of where to begin? In this introductory music course, you’ll start by learning major and minor scales as Berklee students and professors lead you through the fundamentals of music theory.

Introduction to Steel – TenarisUniversityX – September 1, 2015

Steel underpins our civilization in many ways, yet few people notice it or know how it works. This engineering course uses simple experiments, and it demonstrates the properties of steel and its relationship to society.

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