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8 Sustainability Courses to Help You Build a Better Future

In 2017, we know global warming is no longer a myth, but a rapidly increasing issue worldwide. Earlier this month, world leaders gathered at the G20 summit and established sustainable development and growth as one of our world’s primary goals.

The leaders’ discussed how they will create new jobs to promote the spread of digital technology for social development, with their main focus being preventing and reducing environmental issues.

As these economies are looking to strengthen technological innovation and employment in future-oriented industries, you can develop skills in these in-demand fields through our online courses which perfectly integrate technology and design with environmental studies.

Here are 8 sustainability courses you can take to better equip yourself for future industries and help fight the battle against climate change.

Sustainable Urban Development

DelftX, WageningenX (Self-Paced)

Sustainable Urban Environments

TrinityX (Started on July 10, 2017)

Technology Innovation for Sustainable Development

EPFLx (Self-Paced)

Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs

UBCx (Self-Paced)

Technological, Social, and Sustainable Systems

ASUx (Starts on August 14, 2017)

Sustainable Energy: Design a Renewable Future

Delftx (Self-Paced)

Managing Building Adaptation: a Sustainable Approach

DelftX (Starts on September 20, 2017)

Co–Creating Sustainable Cities

DelftX, WageningenX (Starts on October 10, 2017)