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7 Tips on Being Environmentally Friendly While Social Distancing

While this year’s Earth Day feels significantly different than last year’s due to social distancing, we can still find ways to be green and help the planet while staying home. Not sure where to start? The edX Sustainability team is here to help. The Sustainability Team at edX is a group of people committed to making the edX workplace more environmentally sustainable.

While the edX team is fully remote right now, we’re still finding ways to be more sustainable at home. Read below for our Sustainability Team’s top 7 ways you can be environmentally conscious while working remotely.

  1. According to the New York Times, you could already be fighting climate change while social distancing. It can be overwhelming to navigate the changes of working remotely and find ways to be environmentally conscious at the same time. The good news is, by simply social distancing, you’re already making progress.
  2. Your company can still celebrate Earth Day while remote! One way to do so is to hold a remote event with a pledge board to spread the word. Come together as a team and share ideas of ways you can adapt personal spaces to make them more sustainable! 
  3. Change your heat or electricity usage to only what you need and remember to turn appliances and electronics off or down when not in use!
  4. Look into switching to solar electricity! Solar energy is seeing massive growth across the country, and there are useful guides all over the internet to help homeowners make the switch.
  5. Plant a garden or container garden for herbs, small vegetables, or even larger ones to avoid needing to get groceries as often — and to reduce the distance that your food needs to be transported. 
  6. Tune up your bike to get some exercise! If you normally drive a car, you could think about making the switch to riding your bike, if you’re physically able and if distance permits.
  7. Take an edX course and learn about the health effects of climate change, environmental protection, and earth optimism. Browse all environmental studies courses here

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