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7 Free Courses to Spark Your Curiosity This Fall

Curiosity is the key to a long and happy life. Whether you are preparing for your first AP* exam, seeking advice from top entrepreneurs, or curious to understand how electric circuits impact the world around us, there’s a course for you on edX. Take a look at these exciting and innovative courses starting soon, and enroll in one today!

Principles of Electric Circuits – TsinghuaX – September 7, 2015

The basic elements of the devices we use everyday are circuits! Circuits are not only problem solving tools, but they can also help inspire creativity. Learn how to create an active noise cancellation circuit – like the one inside popular headphones – in this introductory electrical circuits course.

AP Physics 1 – BUx – September 8, 2015

Whether you are interested in learning the basics of physics for fun or you’re preparing for the AP Physics exam, you’ll learn how and why things move, and how charged objects interact in this introductory Physics course. You’ll study idealized systems like frictional surfaces, learn why the Earth circles around the sun, and much more in this interactive learning environment.

Creativity & Entrepreneurship – BerkleeX – September 8, 2015

Entrepreneurship is fundamentally a creative act. It’s having the courage to do something different and make a change. This course includes guest lectures from renowned innovators and entrepreneurs, from chefs to musicians. Join the conversation and unleash your inner entrepreneur today!

Proteins: Biology’s Workforce – RiceX – September 8, 2015

When you hear the word protein, you might think of foods like milk, meat and eggs. However, there are many different types of proteins – from our hair to catalysts for cellular chemical reactions. This biology course explores the complex world of proteins that are required to support a living organism.

Useful Genetics, Part 1: How Our Genes Shape Us – UBCx – September 9, 2015

This genetics course aims to provide a solid understanding of genetics principles, from DNA to gene function. In completing this course, you will be prepared to engage in political and social debates and discussions surrounding emerging genetic discoveries and applications.

Transforming Business, Society, and Self with U.Lab – MITx – September 10, 2015

We live in an age of profound disruption. We live in a time of “bigger is better” and organized irresponsibility. This course aims to uncover who we are, both personally and as a society. Learn how we can change the world by building the capacity to sense and actualize a brighter, collaborative future.

How to Write an Essay – UC BerkeleyX – September 14, 2015

Learn the English grammar basics to become an excellent writer! You’ll learn about sentence and paragraph structure, crafting the perfect thesis statement, essay structure, and how to edit and revise your work.

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