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Whether you want to learn about the evolving solar energy industry, master data organization, or get lost in a classic novel, edX has a course for you. Take a look at these new offerings starting soon and enroll in one today!

Solar Energy – DelftX – September 1, 2015

How can technology transform solar energy into electricity? Find out which innovations are revolutionizing the energy industry and hear from experts in the field. Understand the benefits and limitations of advances being made in solar cell technologies as you build your own photovoltaic system today!

Discovery Precalculus: A Creative and Connected Approach – UTAustinX – September 1, 2015

Your classroom will be the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin as you learn mathematics in the most creative ways. Be an active learner and enroll now in this immersive course designed to teach you what makes calculus tick through interactive exercises and problem solving experiments.

Introduction to Water and Climate – DelftX – September 1, 2015

Water is essential for life on Earth and plays a crucial role in today’s climate. Study how water changes phase in the atmosphere and how climate change is transforming the global water cycle. Discover what can be done to manage and control water in urban areas as global warming impacts the world’s waterways. Can you handle water? Enroll today!

Book Sleuthing: The Nineteenth Century – HarvardX – September 1, 2015

From childhood, books are the way we learn about the world. They are interesting, tangible objects that bring our imaginations to life. In this course, investigate the evolution of the mass-produced modern book and how it has transformed over the years. Get to know how people read throughout history and enroll in this course today!

Data Analysis: Take It to the MAX() – DelftX – September 1, 2015

Take your data analysis skills to the max! Data is everywhere and it surrounds us in our daily lives. Learn how best to organize your data using spreadsheets and various data visualization programs. You will also dive into the Python programming language to help you analyze and manipulate data in this must-take course from Delft University of Technology.

“The Jungle” by Sinclair: BerkeleyX Book Club – UC BerkeleyX – September 2, 2015

Delve into the early twentieth century in this discussion-based course designed to analyze Upton Sinclair’s classic novel. Learn about the lasting impact of The Jungle as you explore the legendary influence it had in revealing the exploitation of immigrants within the American meatpacking industry.

Text Mining and Analytics – DelftX – September 2, 2015

As our world becomes increasingly digitized, the digital footprint of people and organizations grows more intensely. Much of this footprint consists of text in various forms. Learn how to distill huge amounts of text data into information and then usable knowledge. Master text mining in this essential course today!

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