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 Ready to learn a new programming language or build on your previous programming knowledge? Curious about how your smartphone works, or how to create an Android app? Check out the courses below, and enroll today to become truly tech-savvy in 2015!
Jugando con Android: Aprende a programar tu primera App – UAMx – February 24, 2015
Almost 60% of phones sold worldwide in 2013 were smartphones, and 80% of these phones used the Android operating system. Learn the basics of mobile programming by developing Android applications. In this couse, you will acquire basic mobile programming skills, which can run on a huge range of devices, from phones to watches, bracelets, cars and televisions. This course is taught in Spanish.

C++ Programming – PekingX – March 1, 2015
Master the C++ language and learn to write maintainable, extendable and large scale programs in an object oriented way. After completing this course, you will gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts and syntax of C++ programming. A strong grasp of the C programming language is required to take this course.

Computing: Art, Magic, Science – ETHx – March 3, 2015

From mobile phones to transportation systems, the world around us depends on information technology and computer programming. Discover the science behind computing, and uncover the magic of what the modern world calls computer science. Learn not only the basics of programing, but also how to create quality programs that will meet the evolving needs of today’s world. 

Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science – MITx – March 4, 2014
Computational devices have become so pervasive that we often don’t even realize that we’re using them. From planes to pacemakers, computation has changed the way people think about the world. In this course, you will learn the basics of Python, how to be a good programmer, and, as a result, how to solve problems of genuine interest in the real world.

The Computing Technology Inside Your Smartphone – CornellX – March 10, 2014
Smartphones have become widely popular around the world. We use them to communicate, to organize our lives, to find information, and for entertainment. Learn the fundamental layers of computing technology- as well as more advanced techniques and technologies- to ultimately understand how they work together to make your smartphone so incredibly fast! 

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