3 Skillsets You Need to Succeed

As technology revolutionizes the digital economy, we’re redefining what it means to be successful at work. Aside from technical proficiency, studies show that employees will also need a versatile mix of human skills, business enabler skills, and digital building blocks skills. In fact, according to edX’s 2018 survey findings, only a fifth of the respondents surveyed consider the education from their college major to be translatable to their current field.

But what mix of skills will spell success? Burning Glass Technologies, in partnership with the Business-Higher Education Forum, examined 150 million job postings to determine the skills employers are seeking in today’s job market. In their research they found that three key categories of skills, dubbed the “New Foundational Skills,” will be essential to job mobility and success as the labor market continues to evolve. Having elements of one or two of these skillsets is desirable, while all three is a winning trifecta.

Three Skill sets

Human skills – Sometimes referred to as “soft skills,” apply social, creative, and critical thinking to work,  leading the way to innovation and collaboration. These skills allow teams to work cohesively and are in high demand across the digitally intensive economy.

Courses to help you build soft skills

Business Enabler Skills – Allow other skills to be put to work in practical situations. This skillset enables individuals to connect the capabilities of digital technologies to broader business goals.

Courses to help you build your business enable skills

Digital Building Block Skills – These skills are the focus of most programs aimed at closing the digital skills gap. Digital skills leverage technology to add value and align with functional domains that are critical to the information economy.

Example courses of digital building block skills


A version of this article also appeared on Forbes