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Are you interested in taking your Java skills to the next level?

Here are three reasons to start learning computer programming and Java today:

  1. Programming jobs: Supply and demand

    There is a big gap between available computer programming jobs and computer science students. According to forecasts, in 2020 there will be 1,000,000 more jobs than students in the United States. This gap is expected to become higher in computer science than in other disciplines, such as math or other sciences.

  2. Java leads the languages

    Did you know that Java is the most popular programming language? According to the ranking by IEEE Spectrum Java is ranked number 1, followed by C, C++ and Python.

  3. Access to online resources

    Why join our course, Introduction to Programming with Java – Part 1: Starting to Code in Java? This isn’t just a course about Java: this is about programming and computational thinking. You will learn to code in Java, of course, but our aim is to help you understand the essentials of programming by learning step by step, thinking and reflecting before doing, and enjoying a fun experience.

Consider enrolling today!

After the first run of the course last spring with more than 70,000 enrollees, we are now re-running it as a self-paced course. We want you to be able to adapt the course contents and activities to your needs and your time availability.

Learners who took this course have said…

It is a very good course for beginners. There are also very good examples throughout the course that help me better understand the concepts.

The course content was nicely done for us beginners to understand. The challenge and difficulty increased as we progressed.

The most entertaining, dynamic and visual programming course I have ever seen. The instructor is so engaging and explanations are so easy to understand that you cannot wait to go to the next lesson.

It has enough difficulty to be challenging.

Definitely worth trying if you want to get started in programming with Java.

Prof. Delgado is a superstar. He is very knowledgeable, methodological, clear, articulate and pleasant.

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What are you waiting for? Learn about object-oriented programming, algorithms, data structures and much more. This is the Java course you need to begin computer programming.

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