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From architecture to artificial intelligence, edX is excited to announce our list of top 17 courses in 2017. We’ve listened to our learners, surveyed the staff here at edX and highlighted our top “hot skills” courses to help you land an in-demand job in 2018.

Essential Statistics for Data Analysis using Excel

Microsoft (Starts January 1, 2018)

Basic Spanish 1: Getting Started

UPValenciaX (Self-Paced)

The Science of Happiness

UC BerkeleyX (Starts January 9, 2018)

English Composition

ASUx (Starts January 8, 2018)

The Architectural Imagination

HarvardX (Self-Paced)

HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals

W3Cx (Starts January 1, 2018)

Introduction to Linux

LinuxFoundationX (Self-Paced)

Introduction to Project Management

AdelaideX (Self-Paced)

Communication Skills for Bridging Divides

CatalystX (Starts January 9,2018)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ColumbiaX (Starts January 29, 2018)

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

RITx (Starts January 9, 2018)

Machine Learning

ColumbiaX (Starts January 29, 2018)

Robotics: Fundamentals

PennX (Self-Paced)

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