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Add experience with a new technology or a specific tech-related skill to your resume, college application, or LinkedIn profile. Demand for tech experts in every field continues to increase, and edX is here to help you gain the necessary expertise.

Check out Inc.’s Top 6 Tech Skills You Need in 2015, and then browse the courses below and start learning. Whether you want to learn a new skill, or brush up on an old one, now is the perfect time to do so. Check out ten tech courses starting on edX soon, and enroll today!

1) Learn HTML from W3C

W3Cx – Starts June 1, 2015.

2) Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark 

UC BerkeleyX – Starts June 1, 2015.

3) CS For All: Introduction to Computer Science and Python Programming 

HarveyMuddX – Starts June 2, 2015.​

5) Introduction to Cloud Computing

IEEEx – Starts June 3, 2015.

6) Linear Algebra: Foundations to Frontiers 

UTAustinX – Starts June 3, 2015.

8) Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure – Part 3 

Microsoft – Starts June 16, 2015.

9) Introduction to Computer Programming – Part 1 

IITBombayX – Starts June 16, 2015.

10) Introduction to Linux 

LinuxFoundationX – Self paced, Starts anytime!