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  1. Dr Agarwal

    Please keep providing online degree programs by TOP schools . Even 50 % online makes cost of HE 50 % less . Also whole world appreciates your free openedx software to develop online courses at very low cost .

  2. Dear Dr Agarwal
    You did it again . I remember your saying in 2012 while getting together with Harvard for edx ” we will reach 2 billion students of the world ”
    To me most important thing is
    high quality HE to the world at low cost .
    High quality can come only from top schools
    Low cost comes from high technology .That is ONLINE today . MIT is working on more research for education technology . But MIT ‘s collection agencies do not accept donations from Turkey . I wrote to EDX several times , and said ” please convey my letter to Dr Agarwal ” But apperantly they did not . So here I am pleading you to read my letter regarding my donations to EDX .

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