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Every MBA Program will require that students possess, right from the beginning, core skills in accounting, finance, math and analytics. While you may have brushed up on your skills to prepare for the GMAT, there’s probably room for further study in order to be ready for the inevitably daunting first three months of your MBA program. While you’re adjusting to a rigorous new schedule that...

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Do you have an exciting idea or want to start your own business? EdX has a number of business courses designed to help you tackle the key challenges of launching a startup. Take online courses from Harvard, MIT and other top schools on everything from idea creation and market research to developing a pitch and obtaining venture capital. New Business Ideas & How to Test Them...

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“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” When Confucius said that, it was 551-479 BC and transportation costs were probably the last thing on his mind. In the pursuit of finding the perfect job, the length of the commute or your ability to pick up and move can be a real barrier. While it’s possible...

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