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Microalgae course quiz
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This course review was written by Andrea Novicki for the Duke CIT blog. We’re always excited to read student reviews of edX courses, and getting positive feedback from Andrea, a MOOC creator herself, was an additional compliment! Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at Tropical Coastal Ecosystems from UQx, which starts again November 24. I miss my MOOC! I just received my certificate in Tropical...

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Brian Schmidt and Paul Francis from ANU
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Ask your Cosmology questions of ANU Professors Brian Schmidt and Paul Francis. Tuesday, November 24, head to r/AskScience to ask your questions of Brian Schmidt and Paul Francis, Astrophysicists and co-teachers for ANUx’s Cosmology MOOC. Brian also notably won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2011. AMA means “Ask Me Anything.” Questions about ANU, the Cosmology MOOC, Cosmology research, and more, are fair game. (The...

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Learn the history behind space travel, how to use business intelligence tools to share data, or discover the depths of your own creativity and thought process. Check out an edX course today and learn from the world’s leading universities and institutions. Engaging new courses are starting soon!

World Philosophy Day (Pictured: The Thinker sculpture)
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“Everyone thinks, of course, but to think well requires first thinking about thinking.” World Philosophy Day, celebrated each year on November 19, was created by UNESCO to honor philosophical reflection, encourage the sharing of philosophical heritage, open minds to new ideas, and inspire public debate on the challenges confronting our society. This year, World Philosophy Day will emphasize the use of new communication technologies to...

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"EdX courses gave me the knowledge I needed to advance my career, as well as the confidence boost I needed to get back into formal education."
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Just two edX courses can jump-start a career. James Peacock, age 34, recently contacted us via our Student Support channel to thank edX for providing the courses that would not only round out his industry knowledge, but also prompt him to go back to school for his MBA. I’m from the United Kingdom, where I’m currently working whilst studying for an MBA part-time. I work...

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Enhance your Spanish Speaking Skills Looking to learn a new language or perfect your Spanish pronunciation? Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (UPV) in Spain has the Spanish-language course for you! With over 400 million people worldwide using Spanish as their primary means of communication, learning key Spanish expressions will not only benefit and enhance your travels to Spanish-speaking countries, it can also help in daily life. This instructional video will guide you...

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